Hey, welcome to my spot on the web.

I'm Gene. You can find me on Twitter as @cogentgene.

In short, I am a designer who specializes in conversions (from a non-paying visitor to a paying customer). The most accurate title that would apply to me is probably a "growth designer".

I've gone by all sorts of titles and have occupied a bunch of roles, everything from affiliate marketing to UX designer, product designer, SEO manager, you name it. Today I mostly focus on product design and CRO work. I've been at it for over 10 years and have seen every client scenario imaginable.

This broad experience has helped me land where I am now - designing products for founders and startups. Swipe - a list of conversion strategies, SaaS Blocks - tailwind components, and a newsletter template like this website.

I made this website, newsletter and blog to share my experiences in making digital products. You'll see me talking about marketing, SEO, freelancing, and some other random thoughts. It won't be too structured as I like to contemplate various things in life.