Tip of the week: Start writing!

If you haven’t already, start writing, at the very least for SEO purposes.

Lim How Wei grew his blog Followchain to 1MM unique visitors in the last 30 days and $20K MRR in ad revenue all from writing. I had a chance to interview him, full post here.

He started blogging in Jan. of 2020 and reached 5MM views. Most people (myself included) would have given up before this graph got out of the flatline:

Lim inspired me to start writing again, hence this newsletter and my new blog.

Davis Baer grew his SaaS to 55k MRR - also from SEO. I am hoping to interview Davis if I get a chance, so far no response from him.

Personal Developments

#1. I’m setting up a number of affiliate partnerships with dev-centric websites. For example, just set one up with https://devresourc.es/ I did a search for “the best tools for developers + github” to pull up a list of websites. Put together a spreadsheet to keep track of contacts, and start emailing them 1 by 1.

#2. SaaS Blocks for Elementor are in progress. I have quality-checked 55 of the 110 existing blocks. I outsourced the conversion to Elementor on Fiverr. My total cost is $750 for an entire template worth of content (not bad I think). I plan on setting up a separate page for SEO purposes and will start listing on all Elementor template websites. I may also put together a sample landing page and list it for free on all the freebie sites.

#3. I wrote out a full email drip sequence for Swipe Conversion Database. I used ConvertKit to do this (had to upgrade to the premium tier to get automations). It’s not the cheapest, but fairly easy to use. Let me know if you want to see it, reply and I’ll share all the details.

Curious what you’ve been up to! Also, appreciate any feedback you might have for me 🙏🙏