Possible growth hack opportunity

I’m exploring the idea of adding branded photos to Unsplash. If you search for images like “dashboard”, or “pricing tables” there are very few choices. The existing images also have millions of views (I see many with at least a million views!)

I thought… I could grow SaaS Blocks and Swipe like this just by taking photos of random elements on my screen.

One collection from Curology (which came up a lot when I searched for e-commerce products) has over 30 million views!

Here is the first dash-board looking image I see for “SEO” and it has 1.9 million views and 17k downloads (not to mention all the exposure it gets through being included on blogs). Why can’t this be your product?

The added benefit of adding your branded images to Unsplash, is that you get additional exposure to hundreds of thousands if not millions of people from blogs that use your images. My goal now is to get a good camera and give it a shot. I will report if and when I get something approved.

Reduce support tickets with guided setup

I spoke to Roberto and he said he’s using HelpHero on his SEO product - Katlinks. Since I am also a customer of his, I checked it out and sure enough, it’s a basic product guide and seems to be pretty helpful (personally I didn’t need this guidance, but I can see how many would).

This week from the blog:

Thanks for reading! See you next time! 🥰🤗