I’ve been thinking about product-led growth (PLG) for a while now. These products market themselves, have low churn and massive potential.

I thought I’d share an example, and encourage you to think about your own products - and whether PLG makes sense for your business model.

Product-Led Growth

Look at the screenshot below, what do you see?

I see a brilliant product-led growth plan that Clideo executed perfectly.

How perfectly?

4.1M monthly users perfectly 🤯

For starters, clideo’s video tools are perfectly positioned for SEO. Each page is a dedicated video editing function. They could have sold a video editing suite, but this move enables them to sell only specific parts of the product.

All of the editing functions are available without creating an account. Anyone can go in and start editing a video.

The final output is watermarked - a viral distribution strategy for clideo.

If you want to remove the watermark, clideo asks that you first create an account.

And finally, asked to pay to remove the watermark:

This is a brilliant growth loop that asks the user to grow the product and provides incentives to upgrade to a paid plan.

Some other examples of product-led growth products:

  • Calendly - think about that viral loop where the user invites someone to a meeting (thus exposing that person to the product)
  • Loom - you record a video, then share it, that person likes the product, starts using it.
  • Slack - the ultimate PLG product - one user exposes an entire organization to the product.
  • Airtable - templates decrease time to value, enable user to share within an organization.
  • Notion - instead of a document editing only app, notion allows users to publicly share pages - now you can even create entire websites.

Key pillars of PLG products:

  • Deliver value before the paywall
  • Prioritize shorter time to value (TTV)
  • Prioritize the end-user and design for their needs
  • Invest in product engineering over marketing (this one is contrary to most Indie Hacker pillars where sales are key.)
  • Design for growth - create viral loops that enable users to grow the product through repetitive usage.

I hope this gets some wheels turning and you can come up with ideas to enable PLG.