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“Good artists copy, great artists steal” - Pablo Picasso.

You can copy the process, or steal the results. Whenever I am on a budget, or just want to follow in footsteps that actually lead somewhere great, I look for ways to uncover the end result and skip the trial and error.

I’m going to share a strategy that I use to quickly uncover great content opportunities for FREE…

All you need is a pen, and a piece of paper (or a spreadsheet if you like).

Step 1: Go to Google and type “site:competitor.com -blog” - replaced competitor with your competitor’s website. The -blog operator will exclude anything from a blog.

This will turn up all of their static pages (the ones they dedicated a lot of time to assemble and deemed important enough not to be blog posts).

Let’s look at some sample results from Calendly:

Here I can see that Calendly has a Spanish language pricing page.

Step 2: I’ll write down: “translate my website” in my notes.

Next: I see that Calendly has an integrations page. Clicking through the link I can now see all of their integrations. If my product integrates with these as well, I’ll go ahead and create a page for them. I’ll even spy on their Titles, headings, and on-page content to see if I can improve upon it.

Write down “create integration pages”

If this all sounds too simple, then the rest will disappoint.

Let’s see what else calendly is hiding…

On page 3, I see a standalone page that sticks out from everything around it “Sales Scheduling Software”. The breadcrumb takes you to a “solutions” page.

Write down “create solutions pages for each of my customer types”

Once again, I visit this page and look to see what I’m dealing with - do they have a lot of content, is it kind of thin? What does the Meta Title say? What about headings?

I’ll remove part of the URL and look at the /solutions area to see what other solutions they have identified (and copy them if they relate to my product):

Here I can see they have 5 main solutions for 5 types of customers. I'll go ahead and note that.

Here I can see they have 5 main solutions for 5 types of customers. I'll go ahead and note that.

Step 3: Once you’ve dug up enough juicy bits, repeat the process for other competitors.

Lastly, if you want to expand content ideas even further, remove the -blog operator and see what kinds of content they rank for most on their blogs.

This may not be anything new to you, but I’ve looked at a bunch of people’s websites and noticed they don’t seem to take care of the basics. Either they are too busy, or blissfully unaware, who knows…

And of course, if you would rather not do all of this manually, there are plenty of tools out there to help you spy on your competitor’s content. If you can splurge some $$, Ahrefs will help you uncover all of these opportunities in a matter of minutes under pages > top by backlinks section (they also have a $7/7day trial).

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In the next issue, I’ll share some practical tips to get better at typography. You’ll be able to make your website look great without any prior knowledge.

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